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 How to train your skills most effectively

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PostSubject: How to train your skills most effectively   Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:30 pm

I will just type a guide for beginners who would like to train skills effectively. *Remember. This quest is not teaching you to be a very low level transcender, but to let you reach transcender faster through punching.*

For a start, i would like to say that this guide is for punchers, those that do not have enough money for a start. it can last all the way till you dual transcender, which i believe with cabalrider, it will be easy for everyone of us.

After selecting a job, u will want to do all the story quests all the way to lvl 50. (Why level 50? Because you are only required to do to level 50 quest and you can get the Port Lux Map as well as your crafting). *rmb just do the story quests.*

There are 2 options for you, depends on whether u wanna save time or not.

1) Time saving (due to not wasting time doing quest, but very tiring when u do it one shot)
Do quests all your (story/neccessary) quests till lvl 10, and just train your skill. all try to pump your stats to the *minmium* requirements to wear your 1st adept gears. (shadowsteel/aramid)

For me i was a warrior, and by using my method, i trained my character to lvl 37 with cabalrider within 2-3 days, and was able to wear my adept gear and start punching. my skills then was expert/apprentice. This above method does save a lot of time because when i am about level 50 i started to do the story quests and all the dungeons can be cleared very fast because of the level difference. The details of how to train will be told to you below, so read on.

2) Do quests progressively (waste sometime due to doing quests, but it will not be so tiring at the back)
Do all your story quests progressively as you gain level, all the way to lv 50. The rest will be the same as the 1st option, which is to get to wear your adept gear ASAP.

For Punchers. Many people recently like to start punching since level 1. Normally i tell them they are just wasting time. If you are aiming to be Transcender fast, punching since level 1 will not get you there. However, punching from level 1 can let you be transcender @ maybe lvl 20-40? but its gonna take a very long time. So below is how i will be training and i believe its to be most effective for low budget players.

From lvl 1 till you can wear your adept gear:
you will try to complete your starting lvl 1- 10 quests (MUST DO), den you will get a skill from one of the NPCs, try to get a couple of skills and up them to lvl9 as soon as you can. and while training and completing quests, these are a few pointers to take note:
1) NPC all your drops, only keeping the neccessary items that you need to wear.
2) buy alot of pots ESPECIALLY MP POTs!!! stack all of them up using the auto loot function. just buy in bundles of 4-500 pots. u will use alot of MP pots. Do not worry because you will earn more den enough.
3) Remember to go check and take note at all times, how should you pump your stats in order to wear your adept gear ASAP.
4) Remember to consider that when you up a skill rank, ur stats is going to increase so keep that in mind when calculating stats for your adept.
5) During your training aka. when whacking the monsters, only use the skills. DO NOT USE NORMAL HIT. *okay la. not say that you cannot hit using normal hit, but just by spamming your skills your skill rank will increase @ a very fast speed and you gain EXP faster. so gaining level faster too! =D*

From the moment you wear your adept gear:
this point onwards, it will apply all the way till maybe when your skills reach dual g.m or maybe transcender.
my advice for all punchers is that do not buy upgrade skills that increase your attack (offensive sense and impact control) too early if you want to punch effectively. you can still buy skills that increase your attack rate, hp, mp but try not to buy the above 2 skills 1st esp when you are warrior.

What kind of gear you should wear:
1. Adept gear (duhz) total must give you +12 skill exp
2. 01x Force Absorb ring/Any HP absorb ring.
3. 01x Any other ring that you will like to wear. but do not need to wear hp absorb. One of that ring will be enough.
4. 01x Amulet of guard (change it while u up lvl)
5. 01x EOG (not compulsory)
6. Buy the skill Regeneration.

What kind of mobs to punch:
1. Mobs that you damage around 8-12 dmg (not considering critical damage)
2. Mobs that damage you 3-5 dmg.
3. Best is if mobs are hostile (means that they will automatically attack you when u are near)

These are the mobs i punch progressively. You guys can use it as a guideline to punch as you level.
lvl 3x-5x
- Skeleton Warrior
- Babayaga
- Hound zombie
- Ape
- Moscutter
- Bitterleaf
- Moscyther
- Wriggleleaf

After punching till around wriggleleaf, you will most probably be around lvl 50. remember to do all your story quests till lvl 50 to get to port lux map or you can just go portlux 1st to punch if you do not want to do quests.
When you get to port lux start punching again. *BTW all these are just as guidelines* you can choose to skip them if u have already surpassed the dmg guideline.

5x and abv
- Crag Toad
- Crag Crab
- Bug Shark
- Bugdolphy/Stone Gargoyle
- Flame Hound/Dark Soldier
- Stone Golem
- Dark Blader
If by then you have not reached transcender by lvl 65, go to Fort ruina, by completing a lvl 65 quest. (normal quest). and continue punching.

65 and abv
- Auto-cannon Op
- Hound S-01
- MechBuffalo
- MechApe
- MechZard
- Auto-cannon Ex

By following this guide you will have already reached dual transcender most probably even before you reach Auto-cannon Ex but i am just typing it out too just in case.

Hope it will be a good and detailed guide for those who are want to train dual transcenders.[wow] lol [/wow]
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Posts : 156
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PostSubject: Re: How to train your skills most effectively   Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:00 am

Sedih ye x ade org nk comment ke?
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PostSubject: Re: How to train your skills most effectively   Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:42 am

tak Larat nk komen sume post ko...


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Posts : 156
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Age : 33
Location : Singapore

PostSubject: Re: How to train your skills most effectively   Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:26 am

IceKing wrote:
tak Larat nk komen sume post ko...



asal lak eh? jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: How to train your skills most effectively   

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How to train your skills most effectively
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